The average website only gets 1% conversion rates, sound like you?
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Ever ask yourself “why don’t I get leads from my website?”

Sick Of Marketing?

You’ve been told that you need to market your business, SEO, Social Media, Emailing and more! But does this strategy actually work for you, frustrated with marketing techniques that just don’t work? It’s time for a change!

We believe you need to replace your marketing efforts and focus on building real online relationships. Potential website leads don’t care about how great you are, they need to know you’ll be there for them when they need you most.


The most successful businesses create relationships with their clients automatically.

The next step you’ve been told you need to take is to start advertising your business online, Google ads, FB ads and even paying for leads. How can you learn an entire advertising system when you’re busy working with clients and spending time with your family?

We believe you can replace your advertising efforts by setting up personalized systems and automation. That way while you’re busy, your website will be automatically creating relationships with potential leads and welcoming them to your business.

Automated Emails To Send Potential Leads funnel

Guru Or Quit?

This is your next option after marketing and advertising don’t work for you!

Feel like you’re stuck and just can’t grow your business online? You have guru’s in your ear telling you about the latest trends and how you can make millions online?

We believe that after you’ve created a real relationship, added a potential lead to your automation system all you have to do next is follow-up until they give you an answer. It takes 6-7 follow-up sequences with “online visitors” before they make a decision. Do you even follow-up once?

Website automation template

Website #1 Stats

In 3 weeks website #1 received 257 chats which resulted in an 40% increase in revenue.

Website Demo Stats Template 2

Website #2 Stats

Website #2 signed up a new client the day AutomationLinks was implemented on her site!

Website Demo Stats Template

Website #3 Stats

In just 5 weeks website #3 has signed up 125 subscribers and over 300+ claimed his coupon code.


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