The average website only gets 1% conversion rates, sound like you?
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If you want to “increase revenue from your website” you’re in the right place!

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Sick Of Marketing?

You’ve been told that you need to market your business, SEO, Social Media, Emailing and more! But does this strategy actually work for you, frustrated with marketing techniques that just don’t work? It’s time for a change!

We believe you need to replace your marketing efforts and focus on building real online relationships. Potential website leads don’t care about how great you are, they need to know you’ll be there for them when they need you most.

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The most successful businesses create relationships with their clients automatically.

The next step you’ve been told you need to take is to start advertising your business online, Google ads, FB ads and even paying for leads. How can you learn an entire advertising system when you’re busy working with clients and spending time with your family?

We believe you can replace your advertising efforts by setting up personalized systems and automation. That way while you’re busy, your website will be automatically creating relationships with potential leads and welcoming them to your business.

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Guru Or Quit?

This is your next option after marketing and advertising don’t work for you!

Feel like you’re stuck and just can’t grow your business online? You have guru’s in your ear telling you about the latest trends and how you can make millions online?

We believe that after you’ve created a real relationship, added a potential lead to your automation system all you have to do next is follow-up until they give you an answer. It takes 6-7 follow-up sequences with “online visitors” before they make a decision. Do you even follow-up once?

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Testimonial From Kate

“I have to give a testimonial for Brad Smith and AutomationLinks! Just last month I started working with the company for help with automation and visibility. The results in a VERY short time have been incredible! I have seen double my ROI with more appointments booked in the next 4 days than I’ve had in a month! I truly cannot recommend Brad and his team enough! We are approaching some slower months in the wellness business, but because I am an AutomationLinks client, these will be the biggest months in my business yet! THANK YOU SO MUCH!”

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Stats From FDN

“In just 21 days we’ve received 221 clicks on our chat, 76 on our scheduler, 63 watched our video and 84 filled out the landing page opt-in. The results are in the numbers! Not to mention they’re all in our followup sequence now.”

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Review From Dave

The chat box has been performing great, I already have 115 subscribers in 4 weeks. They can’t believe it’s a real person responding back to them. Initially I was concerned that it would be a follow up nightmare trying to respond back in a timely manner, but attaching it to messenger has made it super efficient because I can do 90% from my phone anytime. Plus when people respond back it’s really motivating. Just started doing quick broadcasts to this group and the open rates. CT’s and responses to the broadcasts have been unbelievable. Brad, Thanks for hanging in there with me on this and for the coaching. It has paid for itself already after 6 weeks.


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