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Сlick to Call – Turn Website Visitors Into Customers

AutomationLinks Click-to-Call is the fastest way to turn website visitors into customers. No need to leave the page to type the number into their phone!

With a Click-to-Call widget, you can hyperlink the business number on your “Contacts” page so callers can click on it to dial you direct.

AutomationLinks engages your website visitors and facilitates an immediate conversation!

Integrated communication

Create a personal touch with your customers over the phone without having to dial a number separately. AutomationLinks Click-to-Call gives website visitors a chance to connect with the people behind the website instantly, and with ease.

Visitors call you directly from the web with just a click

Make it easy for customers to ask a question, place an order or make a reservation without leaving their computer.

Closing the Sale

When a client starts a phone call from your website, you want to get down to business and turn those leads into customers. This type of call to action will be very sales-focused: you want to get potential customers to want to buy your product or service right here, right now.

Again, if you have phone number call to actions, you can use them on your website– but you also might consider placing them on product pages, as potential customers may want to do one last bit of research before taking the plunge.


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