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Email vs E mail Whiteboard Wednesday
Think of the line in E-mail as disconnecting from your audience, take it out, remember to add value and continue building a relationship through email. When learning how to build relationships through email marketing, it’s imperative to remember that email is still a one-to-one form of communication. It’s a medium
AutomationLinks Creating Online Relationships
The only way to succeed online – Build Real Relationships Today I want to talk to you about the three different levels of relationships we create with people. I want to teach you the only way successful business owners are successful online. You’ll never get sign-ups, payments and help more
Put Your Clients First Brand Loyalty
Today we are going to talk about how to improve brand loyalty. The Amazon example Amazon for example, you think about their customer centricity everything they’ve done let’s say when they started Amazon Prime the whole 2-day shipping thing. Investors were really scared, you could spend all this money on
How to grow your website with YouTube online
Grow Your Website Using YouTube Hey there, Brad Smith with and Today we’re going to be talking about YouTube and how to use YouTube to really grow your business online. You can start getting more traffic to your website or to your business right from YouTube. Below I
3 Tips For Website Strategy In 2018
In this video I give you 3 tips to improve your website in 2018. There’s no better time then now to get your website running at full speed and start growing your business online. I want to show you the top 3 techniques to not only better your website
Brad Smith talks about how to use automation on your website and follow up with potential clients and leads. In today’s educational video for website business owners CEO of AutomationLinks, Brad Smith talks about the three types of clients you should focus on. He explains the different approaches you should
AutomationLinks Blog Writing Team
In the last four to five years, small businesses have been following the online marketing trend by paying for online advertising. Unfortunately most businesses have dismissed setting up their online business for long term growth because they are only focused on instant results. We have all heard about numerous companies
Calendar Automation New Clients
How can you use a scheduler to grow your business? Hey in this video I talk about why you need a calendar/scheduler for your business! It meant the world to me when my mentor called me at the exact day and time I scheduled with him. Ever since I have
Setting up a process Website Automation Tips 88
Do you have a process in place? Some of the biggest brands have perfected their process. If you can setup your website and automation process and have it running on autopilot you should expect great results! Most business owners are busy working with their clients and just don’t have the
Marketing or Advertising Website Automation Series 78
Should we Advertise and Market our business? I have a lot of people asking me the best way to market and advertise their business online. My answer is, marketing online is like winning the lotto and hoping for a lucky break. Instead of taking a risk and potentially wasting a
Much should you charge for your time Website Automation Series 68
This video is free. But what about your time? AutomationLinks Founder Brad Smith walks through all the things you DON’T already know about pricing your time. Oh, and he touches on a mistake he made that made him work 16-18 hours a day without growing his business. Are you able
Follow Up Strategy
How many times do you follow up before moving on? Most people give up too soon. Without good follow up, good marketing is like harvesting a big crop only to let it spoil out on the field. 9 ways to radically improve your follow up results Use a follow up
Automation Video Image Brad Smith
How to use automation to grow your business online. I always hear that Word of Mouth referrals are the main source of leads and revenue for business. I can’t argue that and I absolutely agree. But what if I told you there was a way to create Word of Mouth
Blog Audio Video
Blogs, Audio or Video? This is one of the number one questions we receive from website owners throughout the world. DO ALL THREE: Saying to do all three on a consistent basis is just asking way to much from a busy business owner. The amount of time and what you’re
3 Words For Your Website Strategy Website Automation Tips 28
3 Keyword Strategies To Consider For 2018 1. What are the clients searching for on Google and search? 2. What do you love doing and offering clients? 3. What brings your business the most revenue? Page one, position one. It’s the ultimate goal of every business owner. But of course

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